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                  Four Fake Films Directed by Li Hongzhi (with pictures)
                  Adjust font size:   Close Kaiwind Li Qingxi 2017-07-03

                  With a deceptive nature, Falun Gong has told numerous lies and set up a number of scams. Among those scams, fake films are quite“unique”.It can be said that Falun Gong is a one-hundred-percent fake filmmaker!   

                  Title: Ten Tortures 

                  Star and Director: Falun Gong 

                  Category: self-made fictitious entertainment films 

                  Reception: mistakes in the films are often disclosed and criticized by Internet users 

                  This category of films is made by combining scriptswith scene actions. Falun Gong fabricates the so-called “truth of prosecution” first and then shoots the scenes. In fact, the “tortures” it fabricated number far more than ten. In 2004, Shi Liping and other Falun Gong practitioners in Hubei Province put on traffic uniforms,pretending to bepolicemen. They played the parts of doctor, prisoner, prison guard and so on. They took iron chains for locking carts as fetters and shot the so-called “thirty tortures”, including “plane driving”, “swinging” and “hitting head with iron hangers”. They fabricated photos withPhotoshop. The 2013 case of “prosecution by torture” was forged by Falun Gong practitioners in Qingdao in the same way. 


                  Photo 1: In 2013, Falun Gong practitioners in Qingdao forged “prosecution by torture”. 

                  Title: Steal the Beams and Pillars and Replace Them with Rotten Timbers (collection) 

                  Director: Falun Gong media 

                  Category: unscrupulous fraudulent criminal films 

                  Reception: rumors were refuted by concerned parties andtruth was revealed by Internet users 

                  This category of films fabricatesfake news or incidents by revising photos with Photoshopor using the names of celebrities. For example, Falun Gong media issued a piece of news titled “Severe Explosions Killed over 100 People, a Frightening Day for Nanjing People” (Photo 2) on July 28, 2010. In fact, the photo it usedin this news was originally that of an oil tanker blast which caused severe casualties in the Democratic Republic of Congo on July 2 (Photo 3).  

                  In addition, Falun Gong media spread rumors about celebrities. They faked the story of “MengWeizai quitting the Communist Party of China” in 2004, theydistorteda“letter of refusal” issued by the office of French President Nicola Sarkozy into a “letter of congratulation”, and fabricated “Song Xuewei Incident” in 2013. Falun Gong attempted to discredit China in this way. 


                  Photo 2: “Nanjing Explosion” photoshoped by Falun Gong 


                  Photo 3: Oil tanker blast scene in the Democratic Republic of Congo 

                  Title: Killing Hospital 

                  Director: Falun Gong media 

                  Category: horror films with peculiar imagination and horrible stories 

                  Show time: March 2006 

                  Reception: This category of films has become a laughingstockaround the globe, thanks to years of questioning andrevelationby countries and people from all walks of life. The convening of “Vatican Summit” from February 7 to 8, 2017 and the “China Plan” presented by Huang Jiefu at the summitstruckanother heavy blow to the rumor of “organ harvesting”. 

                  The “story” is set in Sujiatun District of Shenyang. Characters in the story include “over 6000 detained Falun Gong practitioners” and “a great number of doctors.” The major “killing tool” is a “cremator”. In the film, the “organs” of Falun Gong practitioners were taken out and sold. Their “bodies” were all dropped into the “cremator”. The so-called witnesses included Annie, Peter, etc. However, by making this film, Falun Gong invited humiliation. Field visits by dozens of Chinese and foreign media including the Associated Press, CNN and Reuters and personalities found that the Thrombosis Hospital in Sujiatun, Shenyanghas merely300 beds or so and is not able toaccommodateover 6000 people at all. The hospital hasno basementcremator. It is not equipped for, or capable of, any organ transplant operations. 


                  Photo 4: US diplomats visit Sujiatun hospital in March 2006. 

                  Title: Swindler Becomes Immortal 

                  Producer: Li Hongzhi 

                  Category: fantasy films showing how “Master of Forging” Li Hongzhi makes his fortune by cheating 

                  This category of films epitomizesfake filmsmade by Falun Gong.The star is “master” Li Hongzhi, who called himself a “universal Buddha”. The films featurepeculiar and fantastic stories. For example, it’s said that Li Hongzhi completed his immortal cultivation at the age of 8. The films describe a list of fictitious “priests” or “masters”, and their four abilities including “moving, hiding, mind control, future forecast”. It’s said that “Li’s power is hundreds of thousands times that of Sakyamuni”. It’s a pity that all of thoseaccountsarefake. Li’sresume is fake, his Buddha photo is fake, and even hisbirthday is fake. The real Li Hongzhiplayed trumpet in an army horse-breeding farm and a propaganda team and then became a waiter in an army hostel. None of his relatives, comrades in arms and colleagues ever witnessed his “immortal cultivation” or “miracles”.      


                  Photo 5: Li Hongzhi became a Buddha by usingPhotoshop  

                  The above four categories of “films” might not be all-inclusive. However, the deceptive and shameless nature of Falun Gong is beyond all doubt. Li Hongzhi himself is a forging “master” and “chief director” of this crazy filmmaker organization! 

                  (Editor in chief: Xiao Han)  


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